Elizabeth Poston, ‘Lizzy’, did a fantastic job on the landscape design of my yard here in Grass Valley back in 2010. I immediately was assured of her professionalism from viewing the drawings she presented after our initial meeting. I was very excited to get the project going. The plant selection and placement got underway immediately, and the end result was very much to my liking.

Lizzy was always available for upgrading and adding new elements into the garden. She has the special knack for picturing what goes where and suggesting new and interesting projects in the garden. One of the things I enjoy the most is just walking through the yard during the different seasons and getting excited when things bloom throughout the year.

People love walking by my front yard, and often times stop and gaze at all the color and diversity. I am always there to explain what certain plants are and that my wonderful landscaper, “Lizzy,”is the artist. Here is her card if you need to consult her for a project of your own.

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