Living Outdoors Landscapes offers a variety of services to meet your gardens unique needs. Our goal is to give you a quality customer experience that leaves you with a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy for years to come without ‘breaking the bank’.

Major Design or Re-Design Project

Preliminary Meeting:

This is my opportunity to meet you and get to know the space we are working with and your wish list. We will discuss the scope of work, ideas for improvement, and decide how to move forward. It is extremely important for all decision-makers to be a part of this initial meeting. If hired for a design, initial site measurements, and photos will be done at this time. Designs are priced on a lump-sum basis and can vary depending on the scope of work. Because I bill this way, you the homeowner, don’t have to worry about what price I bring you with your completed design, and I get to design freely without the constraints of an hourly rate worrying me, therefore; all of my creative juices are put into the design.

Conceptual Meeting:

If appropriate and depending on the scope of work, it may be necessary to meet and show you my conceptual plan for the landscape space through the design process. We will discuss the proposed landscape design for approval, clarifying any outstanding questions or thoughts, and if agreed, I proceed on to the softscaping (plant choices) and perfecting the design further.

Final Meeting:

services During this final meeting, I will present the final plan with planting plans. plant description list, design notes, pictures, lists of contractors for bidding, and anything else pertinent to the implementation of the design. At this point you will have a complete design to plan your installation or hand-off to contractors for bidding apples-to-apples.

Smaller Design or Re-Design Projects

Planting Plans:

“I only need help with plants….” Small scale planting plans can be done for an hourly rate. Situations where this works are:

  • Refreshing tired plant material
  • Filling empty pockets in the garden
  • Adding plant material around a newly constructed area
  • Container planting for small patio/deck spaces


Living Outdoors Landscape can help you with any landscape situation. Hourly rates for on-site consultation can help you with:

  • Irrigation Trouble Shooting and Repair
  • Water-wise Irrigation Methods
  • Plant Recommendation
  • Soil Analysis & Amendment Recommendations
  • Pruning techniques
  • Landscape Inspections for Home Purchasing
  • Pest & Disease I.D. and management
  • Fertilization Schedules
  • Construction management
  • Annual Color Installations & maintenance



At Living Outdoors Landscape we offer specialized maintenance beyond the traditional “mow & blow”. Our Garden Care services include:


  • Evaluation of immediate and long-term needs
  • Pruning of small trees and shrubs, less than 15 feet in height
  • Perennial deadheading
  • Mulch applications
  • Seasonal color installation
  • Irrigation adjustments and monitoring
  • Fertilizing schedules
  • Tree planting and staking
  • Container planting
  • Small hardscape work to fix issues
  • Minor miscellaneous garden tasks

Areas of Expertise:

Living Outdoors Landscape is prepared for any landscape challenge. We can design for:

  • Low-Maintenance gardens
  • Deer resistant gardens
  • Perennial color gardens
  • Complete landscape overhauls
  • Lawn Replacements

We work with you to fit your needs whether it is a one hour consultation on what your existing plants need, to a complete overhaul of your garden with a new design and installation. We strive to maintain your garden according to your specifications. Our prices vary depending on size and scope of work requested.

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