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Our Landscape Design Team is committed to creating beautiful outdoor spaces and to getting you ‘Living Outdoors’. We offer a variety of services to create an outdoor environment that not only enhances your life but increases the value of your home.

Headquartered in Grass Valley, California, Living Outdoors Landscapes works closely with owners, architects, and general contractors to design and maintain landscapes for residential and commercial properties.

Bringing you landscape design and consultation services, drought solutions and irrigation trouble-shooting to minimize your impact on the water shortage while maintaining your Outdoor Living Lifestyle.

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Rave Reviews

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  • Elizabeth and Dan have been life savers! I have a small yard and also a very busy life. Lizzy designed some low maintenance ideas for me, had a crew come in and put in a new automatic drip system and made suggestions for fixing a portion of the yard for a new rescue dog. They came out and carefully trimmed and shaped by young Japanese maple trees in early spring.
    Dan will be taking care of putting in a fence to contain the crazy little rescue dog and adding some plants for additional privacy. Their prices are so reasonable, and they do great work.

    Jana Leonard
  • Elizabeth Poston, ‘Lizzy’, did a fantastic job on the landscape design of my yard here in Grass Valley back in 2010. I immediately was assured of her professionalism from viewing the drawings she presented after our initial meeting. I was very excited to get the project going. The plant selection and placement got underway immediately, and the end result was very much to my liking.

    Lizzy was always available for upgrading and adding new elements into the garden. She has the special knack for picturing what goes where and suggesting new and interesting projects in the garden. One of the things I enjoy the most is just walking through the yard during the different seasons and getting excited when things bloom throughout the year.

    People love walking by my front yard, and often times stop and gaze at all the color and diversity. I am always there to explain what certain plants are and that my wonderful landscaper, “Lizzy,”is the artist. Here is her card if you need to consult her for a project of your own.

    Robert de Giere
  • For 6 years, I’ve lived in my house with empty planter boxes hanging under my windows. A few years ago, I attempted to plant a few things in there, but they didn’t live very long. I finally decided to call in the expert…Liz! She LOVES plants and flowers and knew exactly what to do with my planter boxes to be extremely low maintenance, last a long time (they’ve lived in there without me doing a single thing to them for 3 months now!!!), and really make my house look beautiful. I can’t believe how affordable this was and how much it changed our house. I wish I would’ve called her years ago!

    Tiana Rockwell
  • I like to say that Elizabeth came out to our home and ‘LOL’D’ our yard. In all seriousness, what she did was talk to my wife and me, find out what we liked, what we didn’t like. From colors to fragrances to aesthetics to pest deterrent to our desired level of maintenance (little to none!). She put together a plan for our landscape like she had read our minds. She gave us the vision that we already had; we just didn’t know what it looked like until she showed us.

    I highly recommend Living Outdoors Landscape Design for any project large or small.

    Mick Collins
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